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The past 20 years BriStone® envisioned the need to serve its markets with true solutions and long term partnerships. Since inception we have been at the vanguard of innovative technologies and services through research, design, development and implementation, providing solutions for commercial sustainability to the retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing sectors while protecting the environment, improving safety conditions and reducing costs.

We remain loyal to our roots with groundbreaking business formats, creating common threads with our partners in pursue of common visions. We strive for excellence and a guarantee of quality, integrating thoughts, practices and technologies that provide advantages to our clients under the new economies.


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Our healthcare branch designs, builds, implements and supervises disinfection programs for the clinic and hospital segments. Our inorganic technologies combined with water and Ultra Violet systems considerably reduce the need of hazardous disinfectants and bactericides that threaten users, patients, staff, medical personnel, visitors and the environment.

We attend every need regardless of size and revenue. While we remain a for-profit organization, our principal mission is to provide the most advanced technologies under a cost-effective criteria, allowing the health institution to serve while providing a viable healthcare service with the lowest development/spread risk of viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens associated with nosocomial infections.


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We quarry quartz-rich sandstone, basalt, deorite and travertine from the Andean regions. While blocks and hand made planks are quarried, squared and exported from our quarries, conversion plants handled by our Europe branch are also available for slabs, tiles, countertops, façades and any AutoCad-based special project.

Our quartz-rich sandstone is composed of 80%-90% quartz with round to sub-round grains ranging in size from .7mm-2mm. The deorite is light-green and very uniform in density and hardness, averaging 2.9gr/cm3 and 7 (Mohs). Three densities of basalt are quarried, ranging from 2.4gr/cm3-2.9gr/cm3. Our travertine colors are brown or light colored (like bone white) with average density of 2.5 gr/cm3, being at the very top of the travertine density chart. Look at our catalog.